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Well it was a great show again as always, saw lots of good folks I never get to spend enough time with and even saw a few booths although I was unable to browse them as I would like since I had my own booth to man. Thanks to all who stopped by, your encouragement is very much appreciated. I had my 150 gallon IBC aquaponic unit on display, and some samples of the EPS-fiber-cement composite I have been building a dome out of.

Glad to have you here, please leave a note and let me know what you think.

So what’s so great about aquaponics anyway?

I’ll be brief…
1) The oceans are being razed. 7/10ths of the planet. The seafood section is filled with endangered species. Modern technology makes it possible to decimate the commercial species with ease. The basic nature of the Corporation makes this not only possible but unavoidable. The goal is to maximize shareholder value, and your children’s future is utterly irrelevant.
2) Aquaculture holds great promise if done properly. Nearly infinitely scalable, three dimensional protein production. Using tilapia and other species capable of thriving on sustainable feed, it can feed the planet without razing the oceans (or the land).
3) All animals poop. Usually this is a problem to be dealt with. In aquaponics, far from being a cost center, “waste” is a resource that is easily pumped to hydroponic growing areas.
4) Plants love fish poop. Actually bacteria love it, and they feed the plants which also feed them (a symbiotic relationship that predates the ancient fish).
5) Knowledge. Communication. Synergy.

We have the tools, and maybe enough time.


330 gallon tote aquaponic unit

330 gallon tote aquaponic unit

Here’s the latest in simple aquaponic units.  See link for more pics and details. This unit currently is stocked with a couple dozen goldfish and that is enough to feed the single grow bed. If more fish are added, more grow beds can be added to utilize the nitrates. At maximum safe stocking density the 125 gallon lower unit could feed as many as five more grow beds.

Well that was fun

Here’s a link to the “peep at the coops tour”:

Looks like the rain is not going to deter them, hope to see you there (I’ll be at stop #7) is under construction.

Soon there will be information on aquaponics and how to build your own aquaponic systems.

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