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2 comments to Thanks for visiting, but you’re a bit early…

  • Dave

    Hey my name is Dave and I’m part of a non profit organization that is trying to bring aquaponics to mexico. I came across this website after watching a video of you on youtube.

    We are working in arid, poverty stricken areas and we think that aquaponics may help to revitalise these areas. We are teaching this along with reforrestation as a multi pronged approach. The mexican government is funding us to start a school to teach permaculture starting in January, and if things go well we will recieve more money to start more schools. So we need immediate results that are replicable and it seems that aquaponics is the ticket.

    We have bought some parts for the system already- a 1200 L fiberglass tank and a 4000 L per hour pump. We plan to grow tilapia. My question to you is what kind of growbeds do you suggest? there are several kinds that I’ve come across but what is the easiest to use and set up? and what’s the most productive? do you have any good links that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

    any info would help us very much.

    muchas gracias!


  • admin

    Hello David,
    For a 1200 L tank with tilapia your maximum body mass would be about 36 Kg, some would say 4x that but that depends on how diligent you are with water quality and the amount of water flowing through your system as opposed to recirculating. If you have dirt gardens as well as aquaponic I can show you how to combine the two and get greater fish production.

    For 36 Kg of fish you would be feeding about .7 Kg of feed per day, and at the UVI recommended feed/plant ratio that would mean about 10 sq meters of growbed. That would be a small system, and since labor is more likely to be available (cheaper) as opposed to electric power, so gravel beds would be my recommendation to start out.

    You could double the plant area with greater fish density (20 sq m), some practitioners (e.g. Friendly aquaponics) would even triple that number (30 sq m). They are good people and know their stuff pretty much, but they do not follow the UVI standards so I can’t totally vouch for them. They have free information here. If you do go with the larger plant area I would go with a raft system, although that will require more electric load.

    Once you have experience running that system you could use the same tank to run a larger raft-style system, but those are more complex and need closer supervision generally.

    Your pump is about 3x larger than you will need with that tank, but will work fine. I recommend using an electronic timer to flood the beds for 15 minutes on an hourly basis. Summertime you may want to go every 45 minutes.


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