So what’s so great about aquaponics anyway?

I’ll be brief…
1) The oceans are being razed. 7/10ths of the planet. The seafood section is filled with endangered species. Modern technology makes it possible to decimate the commercial species with ease. The basic nature of the Corporation makes this not only possible but unavoidable. The goal is to maximize shareholder value, and your children’s future is utterly irrelevant.
2) Aquaculture holds great promise if done properly. Nearly infinitely scalable, three dimensional protein production. Using tilapia and other species capable of thriving on sustainable feed, it can feed the planet without razing the oceans (or the land).
3) All animals poop. Usually this is a problem to be dealt with. In aquaponics, far from being a cost center, “waste” is a resource that is easily pumped to hydroponic growing areas.
4) Plants love fish poop. Actually bacteria love it, and they feed the plants which also feed them (a symbiotic relationship that predates the ancient fish).
5) Knowledge. Communication. Synergy.

We have the tools, and maybe enough time.


2 comments to So what’s so great about aquaponics anyway?

  • Martin Demaree

    Hi, I was wondering how to get started with a small scale aquaponic system that I could do in my apartment or in mhy back yard. I have a small back yard with my apartment. I can not dig so it will have to be above ground. What recorces can you give me to help get this going??

  • admin

    Sorry for the delay I have been a bit busy of late. You can make a small aquaponic unit from barrels or “totes” (large liquid containers). Make sure the containers had food type contents in their previous use. There are many plans available on the net, but if you would like a set of plans to make my 150 gallon 12 square foot tote unit shown on my website they are only $35. This includes instructions on how to build the unit, how to locate food-grade totes, how to get the fish you will need (for free!) and how to “boot up” your unit so that the nutrient cycle works properly. I also include a set of resources for getting the nutrient content of your water and your plants analyzed (if you wish to get that technical with your growing). This analysis will tell you which supplemental nutrients you may need for better production, depending on your water and the food you feed your fish. One note to remember: plants need SUNSHINE. Do not try to grow them in the shade.

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